Day 2: Texas

I snuck in about 4 days in Texas on our journey to Florida and other southern states.

This building in Abilene originally housed a Buick dealership. Coca-Cola occupied the building from 1950-2003. In 2020, the building and sign were restored.

There is another Coca-Cola sign in Abilene. This one is at the current production plant. I never seem to be there at the right time of day:

This nice breezeblock entrance is at the Serenity Foundation in Abilene:

The Brookhollow Christian Church in Abilene:

Here’s a shot of the long-closed Midway Drive-in screentower in Sweetwater, TX:

and what’s left of the sign:

The kids loved running in the big field there:

This Masonic Temple is in Wichita Falls:

Wood’s Boots is in Colorado City:

Trent High School (in Trent) is the “Home of the Gorillas”. Lots of other examples of this statue and other monkeys and apes at my website here:

Woody’s Bar & Grill in Mineral Wells is housed in a quonset hut building. Here’s the sign:

That’s enough for this post. I’ve got lots of other photos to add to my website. I’ll be back here this weekend with Day 3.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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