Day 1: AZ, NM, TX

Here we go! I’m starting to work on the June/July trip now. As I add the photos to my website, I’ll be posting a few photos from each day here and some different ones over at my Flickr account:

Day 1 was spent zooming across the Southwest with some select reshoots and new shoots along the way. The dogs and I were shocked by the temperature change (from 68 at our place at the beach in SoCal to about 100 degrees in the desert). I had to run Gator’s AC all day long for 36 days and she didn’t let us down!

This vintage Taco Bell sign is in Scottsdale, AZ. It would originally have been installed on a pole and the bottom panel would have read “Drive Thru”:

Here are a few shots from Tucson, AZ. The Reilly Funeral Home building is from 1908. These Art Deco details were added in the 1930s. The building now houses Reilly Craft Pizza and Drink:

The former Conoco gas station is now housing the L Station Bar & Cafe:

This former Firestone Tires building now houses a gym:

The Coachlight Inn in Las Cruces, NM was built in 1973. This detail shows the canopy and the matchy-matchy former Terry’s Restaurant next door:

This vintage Reddy Ice sign is in El Paso, TX:

Here’s a closeup of the First Presbyterian Church in El Paso, TX:

At the Rock Hill Shopping Center in Odessa, TX, this is the Pinkie’s Liquor sign and the long abandoned Cloth World sign in the background which was given an LED sculptural feature in 2019:

I’ll be back later today with some things from Day 2.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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