L.A. & O.C. Trip

I took a little trip last weekend to get out of my chair, take some photos, and give Gator a little roadtest. The next mega roadtrip is just seven weeks away! Y’all are probably overly sad from looking at my website update posts. So, here are some things that are still around! Gator ran flawlessly and here’s a sampling of some of the things that I shot.

The Ruta Motel in Indio, CA:

A closed liquor store in Mecca:

A modern sign in Banning:

A concrete house in Homeland:

It’s always a relief to see Mr. Milk Bottle in Pomona is still there:

In Pasadena:

A succulent garden on the side of a building in Beverly Hills:

In Los Angeles. This one is impossible to shoot. This is the north-facing panel (so, never any sun):

and the south-facing panel which is blocked by the building next door:

This sign in North Hollywood must have been incredible when it had neon and bulbs:

Dad’s Original Frozen Banana stand in Newport Beach:

This “Judo” sign is at the Valley Relics Museum in Van Nuys:

Another sign at the museum:

The restored Tower Theatre building in downtown Los Angeles:

One more for this post. The City Center Hotel sign in downtown L.A. is looking a little sad these days with the peeling paint.

Once I get all the L.A./O.C. photos up at my website (roadarch.com), I’ll be back with some blog posts covering the Gas Stations section.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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