Website Updates: Eateries (pt. 2)

The bulb letters on this Baskin-Robins sign in Los Angeles, CA:

were replaced with backlit plastic letters around 2020:

There’s only one other sign left like this with the bulbs that I know of, in La Mesa, CA.

One of the very few remaining Denny’s neon signs was updated with backlit plastic around 2019. Here’s the sign in Stockton, CA in 2014:

and now — note the Restaurant panel is also gone:

This Denny’s sign in San Antonio, TX was updated around 2019. The original corrugated plastic panels were replaced with boring, flat plastic panels:

This former Dairy Isle in Oneida, NY was still there in 2018 but the the building was gone by 2019:

The former Dairy Isle in Hamtramck, MI:

was looking great in 2019 with new paint:

The former Dairy Queen in Dunkirk, OH has been the Dairy Dream for decades:

Google Maps doesn’t have the new map yet showing the paint job which was done in 2019. So, here’s a photo from Dairy Dream’s website:

This one is a major loss. The unique sundae sign at the Dairy Queen in Terre Haute, IN is gone now. The rooftop letters remain. There is another Terre Haute location with those. I don’t believe any other Dairy Queen locations had them:

I even wrote about this sign for my book. I spoke to the store owner just now and he told me that just before he bought the place, the previous owner sold the sign to a collector for about $30,000. Here’s a closeup:

A former Roy Rogers restaurant in Houston, TX housed a porn shop for many years:

It has now been adapted for a Velvet Taco and opened in January. Google Maps doesn’t have a photo yet but here’s one from company’s FB page. The original roof has been uncovered and the rocky columns preserved (although pink is a little harsh). There must have been hundreds of these buildings around the country beginning in 1968 but only about 19 survive, and none used by Roy Rogers anymore:

That’s enough for one sitting. Lots more Eateries posts to come (I’m only the “F”s right now in this section).

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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