Website Updates: Eateries (pt. 2)

The bulb letters on this Baskin-Robins sign in Los Angeles, CA:

were replaced with backlit plastic letters around 2020:

There’s only one other sign left like this with the bulbs that I know of, in La Mesa, CA.

One of the very few remaining Denny’s neon signs was updated with backlit plastic around 2019. Here’s the sign in Stockton, CA in 2014:

and now — note the Restaurant panel is also gone:

This Denny’s sign in San Antonio, TX was updated around 2019. The original corrugated plastic panels were replaced with boring, flat plastic panels:

This former Dairy Isle in Oneida, NY was still there in 2018 but the the building was gone by 2019:

The former Dairy Isle in Hamtramck, MI:

was looking great in 2019 with new paint:

The former Dairy Queen in Dunkirk, OH has been the Dairy Dream for decades:

Google Maps doesn’t have the new map yet showing the paint job which was done in 2019. So, here’s a photo from Dairy Dream’s website:

This one is a major loss. The unique sundae sign at the Dairy Queen in Terre Haute, IN is gone now. The rooftop letters remain. There is another Terre Haute location with those. I don’t believe any other Dairy Queen locations had them:

I even wrote about this sign for my book. I spoke to the store owner just now and he told me that just before he bought the place, the previous owner sold the sign to a collector for about $30,000. Here’s a closeup:

A former Roy Rogers restaurant in Houston, TX housed a porn shop for many years:

It has now been adapted for a Velvet Taco and opened in January. Google Maps doesn’t have a photo yet but here’s one from company’s FB page. The original roof has been uncovered and the rocky columns preserved (although pink is a little harsh). There must have been hundreds of these buildings around the country beginning in 1968 but only about 19 survive, and none used by Roy Rogers anymore:

That’s enough for one sitting. Lots more Eateries posts to come (I’m only the “F”s right now in this section).

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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2 thoughts on “Website Updates: Eateries (pt. 2)

  1. Great shot of that original Denny’s in Stockton! Love the Dairy Isle architecture. And that DQ sundae is amazing! But that hot pink taco place made me barf…

  2. I’ve got a whole section with all the repurposed Dairy Isle buildings. I’m just glad that the Roy Rogers (“hot pink taco place”) wasn’t torn down. Maybe the next business will paint it a little more plainly. Although I’ll take hot pink over the dull trendy grey!

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