More Website Updates: Diners

Let’s start with some updates to my Diners section.

I’m crazy about those cute little Valentine diners and I’m happy that this one is in good hands. The Suzie Q Cafe in Mason City, IA got new owners in 2019 and the building was restored/repainted. It reopened in 2020. Here’s one of my photos from 2009:

And its spruced-up look now at Google Street View:

On the other hand, this Valentine in Ellinwood, KS could really use some love. Here’s a photo that I took in 2010 when it was obviously being used as a storage bin:

And what Google now shows in 2019. I’m really worried about that rust:

I never got a photo of this one in Liberal, KS. Google shows it in 2019 (sorry for the quality) but gone in 2020:

Good news! It’s now on display inside the Mid America Air Museum in Liberal (from Bob’s Diner Facebook page):

This Mountain View diner ca. 1956 in Trenton, NJ disappeared between the Google SV maps of 2018 and 2019. I scoured the internet but could not find out if it was moved or demolished:

This diner in Brooklyn, NY housed the Relish Restaurant when I took this photo in 2009:

In 2014, it was announced that an apartment building would be built on the site. If the diner was not sold and moved, it would be demolished. When it closed in 2019, everyone thought that was the end of it. However, Google Street View from November 2019 shows that it is not only there but housing Carol & Dottie’s Diner. A last hurrah or did plans for apartments fall through? I’ve scoured the internet and can find nothing:

The Main Street Diner in Norristown, PA is also gone as of 2019. There’s nothing online that reveals whether it was moved or, more likely, demolished. Here’s a photo I took in 2009:

The long-abandoned Valentine diner in Pine Bluffs, WY is beyond repair now. Here’s one of my photos from 2012:

And the new Google Street View from 2019 shows that the entire front of the building and roof are gone:

The Trolley Car Diner in Philadelphia, PA closed in 2019. It’s not known yet what will happen with the diner and Len Davidson’s animated neon sign:

but the 1948 streetcar which was installed at the same site will be moving near The Fillmore music venue where it will continue to be used as an ice cream stand:

That’s enough for now. The next post will be covering Animal statues.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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