Day 27: Miami

A busy day in mostly good sun. It seems like a lot of work to have to change the numbers every year:

The Pink Pussycat Lounge:

Yeah, it’s that kinda place:

This one was originally installed in 1959 but it’s been restored a number of times:

There are no neon Reddy Kilowatt signs in Florida — but this company has two locations with images (this painted sign and a plasticized version). More Reddy signs at my website here:

This skeleton sign inside (and two neon signs outside):

The Palacio Inn Motel was built in 1955 as the Casa-Lu Motel. It later became the Fantasy Inn Motel. And then around 2014 it took on this name and the sign was reworked a third time.

The original building is pretty fun also:

This place was built in 1952 as the Motel Dorsett. It changed names a few times after that. It took on this name last year and these signs were installed (there’s a pink version on the other side):

The Sinbad Motel was built in 1953. That chopped off metal projection on the roof originally had a seagull. The gull was destroyed in a hurricane and then a sputnik style Neo Lectra was installed after that. That was also destroyed by another hurricane but the steel arm remains.

One more for this post. The Vagabond Motel was also built in 1953. This sign was long gone but recreated during a 2014 renovation:

That’s a wrap for now. The next post will feature some Miami Beach.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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