Day 28: Miami & Miami Beach

This was a big shooting day. Mostly buildings (hundreds of mcm/Deco stops) but a few signs here and there.

This electronic clock is a real turn-on to me. Originally installed for the Miami Beach Federal Savings & Loan — sorry you can’t see because of the glare but it’s still operating, alternating between time and temp. Here’s a vintage pcard showing the bldg which I believe was built in 1956:

Some stuff from Miami Beach:

Here’s a nice Art Deco detail from the Marlin Hotel:

This still-operating Publix supermarket is from 1962 and still has the “Where Shopping Is A Pleasure” neon lettering:

Originally a Burdine’s department store — became a Macy’s but still has the company’s neon brand name on the building:

This sign was built in 2012 during the restoration of The Regent Hotel and Cocktail Club as a replica of the original from 1941:

Here’s a detail from the former Nolan-Peters “Cadillac Salon” which had been covered up since the 1940s. It was restored in 2020:

Let’s wrap up with this neon two-fer from 1948:

That’s it for now. Don’t forget the other photos over at Flickr:

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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