Day 20: More Florida (Clearwater to St. Petersburg)

Fantastic weather and loads of great photos. I’ll focus on some signs for this post. Let’s start with this guy in South Pasadena at the Ten Pin Lanes:

From Gulfport:

In Madeira Beach:

A couple of signs in St. Pete Beach:


From Clearwater Beach:

Let’s wrap up this post with a few shots from St. Petersburg:

A two-fer at a rare, still operating Rayco:

and lastly, for the rusty/crusty lovers among you:

I’ve got about 100 other photos to add to the website but I think I can muster up another post next weekend. In the meantime, don’t forget there are other photos over at my Flickr account:

Happy trails!
dj & the dogs

Speaking of trails… here’s a photo from today of my gang from today’s hike on the Shady Dell Trail in Ojai, CA:

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