Day 19: More Florida (Leesburg to Clearwater)

Some rain, some clouds, some sun. Lots of fun stuff!

Let’s start with this special guy in Winter Garden. A miniaturized RV on top of a vacuum form sign. Includes doorknobs, skirting, and what looks like functioning doors!

This sign in Clermont started out, in probably the 1960s, advertising for the Crest Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge. It read “Crest” on the top panel and “Restaurant” on the lower panel sans cocktail glasses. The crest panel was black with its text panel in yellow; the restaurant & cocktail panels were red. Later, the lower panels were painted light blue. Around 2009, the text was reworked, glasses added, and the panels were painted green. I think the neon may still be lit:

I was relieved to see the half-dino from the ~1970s (never finished) was still there in Brooksville — more about this guy and other Florida dinosaurs at my website here:

This incredible statue display in Gotha is in a residential area: zebras, lions, elephants, a hand with a finger pointing upward, Roman soldiers, and horses. More about this place at my website here:

This giant pencil was installed in Mount Dora in 1980. More pens & pencils at my website here:

Orbit was getting bigger and looking slightly more manly at this point. He’s about nine weeks old in this photo (currently about four months). His feet are still ridiculously big and will probably stay that way.

Built as the Tahitian Motor Lodge in Holiday around 1969. Now the Holiday Hotel & Resort. The roofs are somewhat similar to the A&W “pagoda” (aka “pilgrim hat”) roofs developed in 1965 by Trachte:

Scattered around the property are incredible carved tiki-style statues — more photos at my website here:

Let’s wrap up this post with this beauty at the Showcase of Citrus in Clermont. Eat-it-All ice cream cones have been around since at least the 1960s, maybe the 1950s. From the weathering & sides of the can, I think this sign is from that era but it might have been built much later & painted with the brand:

A four-day weekend at home so you will be hearing again from me soon enough.

Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Trails,
dj & the dogs

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