Day 18: Florida (Gainesville to Leesburg)

Some sun, some clouds, some rain… but a productive day, nevertheless. Full steam on Florida shooting at this point in the trip.

This one is in Reddick (yes, the sign is really leaning):

In Citra:

Another Citra sign:

A nice hand-painted & maintained welcome sign – would have been glorious in sun:

Yes, Silver Springs:

From Ocala:

Two entrances, two signs for Uncle Roy’s — also in Ocala — shot just after a torrential downpour:

At a former Heilig-Meyers furniture store in Ocala. Scottish characters still appear on some signs, used as a symbol/stereotype of frugality:

This Lorito’s sign in Ocala has been through a lot. It looked pretty nice in my 2009 photo:

Just a few months later, it was knocked over by a driver and badly damaged. The sign was repaired and neon fixed. Instead of painting, they used vinyl overlays on the panels. They changed the font of “Italian Kitchen”, not for the better. But hey. Around 2017, I think they painted over the vinyl because it was getting pretty faded. So, here’s how it looked in September:

Let’s close with a couple more signs from Ocala. Apparently, they were both produced by the same sign company — maybe the motels were even owned by the same person? They both had the same style backlit smiling sun panels. Here was the Sun Plaza which I shot in 2009:

Unfortunately, in 2015, the owner decided his initials were nicer than the sun:

Apparently, the original sign looked like this in the 1950s:

The surviving sun sign in Ocala – don’t it make you smile?:

That’s a wrap for now. More next weekend…

And don’t forget, there are still lots of other photos being posted simultaneously over at my Flickr account here:

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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