Day 6: Moving on to Louisiana

I’ve spent a lot of time in Louisiana in the past few years, and years before that, but I still find out about new things to shoot and have things that need reshooting. I still didn’t have enough time on this trip to get everything with two pressing engagements (a “passenger” to pick up in Oklahoma and getting my butt to Florida to focus on my list for that state). Another time for the rest of the Louisiana list.

Let’s start out in Crowley. Unfortunately the Rice Theatre sign has been “upgraded” from neon to backlit plastic letters and cheapo LED tubing. The paint on the building could really use some help:

In Baton Rouge — a rare McDonald’s sign. Not as old as the neon Speedee arch signs but, hey.

Another photo from Baton Rouge — an abandoned Cadillac dealership sign:

From Lake Charles: this adapted and adopted sign. My photo from 2018 when the building had been gone for at least ten years and the sign stood night to a concrete slab lot. Already “BURGER” was covering something up – maybe “STEAK”?

Last year, the sign was moved downtown where for a new music venue — and the little “MUSIC” panel was attached – my photo from July:

However, just a month later, Hurricane Laura destroyed the sign and the building (note bricks on the ground). The KSL NewsRadio website shows the photo below. The business’ website says they will rebuild. Maybe they will replicate the panels — maybe the one against the building is okay?

Moving on to New Orleans. This guy points the way to Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gra World:

This sign is much hidden in the trees:

Minus the neon and at least one change in pastors (updated like most church signs):

No sun but I tried. Crazy external wiring:

Pretty sure this is a replica sign. Still fun and carnival-like:

Let’s end with this faded beauty in Metairie. In my imagination, the bulbs either flashed or were lit in sequence:

Back next weekend with more.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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