Day 7: Gulf States: LA, AL, & MS

I wrapped up Louisiana and headed briskly towards the Florida Panhandle with grand ambitions. The weather was sunny and Sparkle was running great… little did I know…. (suspense for the next post).

I had a number of stops to finish up in New Orleans. Most of it to get things at just the right time of day. I believe this Franking Printing sign is a replica. There is neon on only one side since the sign is located on a one-way street.

A detail of the recently restored McMain School entrance:

A detail from the Gus Mayer store:

The Greyhound sign at the Union Passenger Terminal:

The Piccadilly Lounge and Half Shell:

Moving on to Mississippi. In Bay St. Louis, this former Cities Service gas station was remodeled as a house with some additions to the left and back:

This is a former mid-century modern library in Gulfport, MS:

Also in Gulfport — although I’ve been there a half dozen times, I never noticed this building with the orange diamonds — unique to Burger Chef:

One more from Gulfport – a former paint store:

Moving on to Mobile, AL – the lesser sign above the canopy at Kelly’s Cleaners:

A Mr. Peanut scale inside the former Planters Peanut Shoppe in Mobile (long since known as the A&M Peanut Shoppe now):

Let’s end this post with a random, giant paper clip in Spanish Fort, AL:

I hope you enjoyed this sampling from Day 7. One week of five weeks down! Back maybe next weekend with another post.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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