Day 4: More Texas

This day was spent mostly in the Dallas area. After this post, there will be one more full day in Texas before we skedaddle off to Louisiana.

Let’s start with this sign topper at the Plaza Theatre in Garland. The sign was restored a few years ago. I’m assuming that the neon on top used to flash sequentially around ball. It’s unlikely that it does any more since most cities forbid any movement (except for hideous graphic display boards, for some crazy reason):

Moving on… the rest of this post is from Dallas:

Love the Mondian-esque sign, right? But also note the swirly, crazy tile on the building:

This was originally a parking sign. When the parking garage was demolished, this chunk of the sign was saved and installed in the new park that replaced it.

Surely, the top panel must be a crappy replacement but the bottom panel is still nice:

Lots to admire here:

And one pretty one to end this post — still in operation:

Be back with another post in about a week. I have lots of stuff from this day to add to the website in the meantime. I also uploaded some different photos from this day over at Flickr just a few minutes ago if you are hungry for more:

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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