Website Updating: Signs Pt. 2

One notable recent loss in Edgewater, FL — the company was bought out and this sign was removed:


On a positive note (for a change), this sign in Dublin, GA

… was missing the doggie for a few years, and then the sign was entirely restored or repainted recently.  This is the best angle I could get at Google & couldn’t find anything better online:

This sign and the restaurant in Weiser, ID are gone now:


I’ve been following all the hard work and restorations of the Relight the Neon organization in Pocatello, ID but somehow I missed this one.  This Independent Order of Odd Fellows sign:

was restored a couple of years ago:
Here comes a bunch of losses in Illinois.  This sign in Anna, IL is gone:

This sign in South Beloit, IL –— gone:

This one in Villa Park, IL…. gone:

This one in Chicago, IL is gone:

Some mixed news from St. Charles, IL:  This sign is still there but the top lettering has been changed — no neon, just paint — for Hawk Ford:

Unfortunately, this sign which was around back, is gone now:

A couple of losses in Indiana.   This sign in Franklin, IN is gone now:


and this beauty in Michigan City, IN is also gone:



Moving on to Kansas.  The Crown Rug signs in Kansas City, KS are gone:



This sign in Salina, KS…

… has been repainted.  I think the neon is still there but it’s hard to tell.  Too bad that the AAA logo is gone but I’m happy that the readerboard survives:



I’m pretty sure I wrote about this poor sign in Henderson, KY last year at this time.  This beauty:

had been transformed into this hideous thing:

Well, it’s been changed up again:

These two signs in Owensboro, KY are gone now:


Let’s end this post on a positive note.  This sign in Lake Charles, LA had abandoned for years.  It was standing on a vacant lot when I shot it last in 2018 and really seemed doomed:

But!  The sign was rescued and the “Burger” (which was already a patch panel anyway) was swapped for “Music” and the neon was restored for a new business downtown:


From their website:


That’s a wrap for a while.  I’m moving on to Massachusetts now (virtually, of course).  I’ll be back in a week or so with more.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs

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