Website Updating Homestretch: K thru N

I’ve got a whole bunch of news for you since I am happy (relieved!) to report that I’m done with this winter project and I can get on with happier things.  To avoid the world’s longest post, I’m going to split this into two (still fairly huge) posts.  The last section of this mega-website-task was Signs.  I present the most noteworthy news for the states beginning with “K”.  Get a stiff drink — it’s going to be painful.

Let’s start in Louisville, KY where the KDC sign…

… which has been covered up with crappy panels that kinda/sorta (barely) mimic the design underneath:

Moving on to Michigan.  This sign in Grand Rapids, MI is gone now:


Also gone — in Richmond, MI:


This sign in Saginaw, MI…

was reworked by 2011 but the really nice AMF panel remained:

The sign is now nothing but the two pole stumps.

Some good news from Christmas, MI.  This sign….

… has recently been repainted (or maybe replicated):



A bunch of signs in Minnesota are gone now including this one in Austin, MN:

These two (the “turn here” and the one in front of the motel itself) in Deer River, MN — gone:


This beauty in Elk River, MN – gone:

This one in Grand Rapids, MN

was replaced with this thing:



This one in Maplewood, MN:
[check out how gorgeous it was at night here:

has been stripped:



This one in Ely, MN — was “picked” by American Pickers.  Their gleeful video at FB made me sick to my stomach and furious.  It’s one thing bargaining with old collectors for their motorcycle parts that have been gathering dust in barns for decades but quite another thing grabbing history and art from communities that have practically nothing to offer tourists and locals.  I bet you they couldn’t ditch the corrugated plastic panel fast enough.


The one in Sebeka, MN

… has been destroyed with backlit plastic letters:



Moving on to Missouri.  This one in Cape Girardeau, MO is gone:


This one at a plumbing business in Chillicothe, MO — gone:


This one in St. Joseph, MO — yep, gone.  Note the wonderful two-phase arrow at the bottom:


In St. Louis, MO — gone:

This one in Raytown, MO — gone:


This Vickers gas station sign in Independence, MO — gone:


Also in Independence, MO, this beautiful sign…

…has been brutally altered.  The neon removed and bottom panels painted over:



Moving on to New Mexico.  This one in Carlsbad, NM is gone:

This one in Espanola, NM… gone:


This one in Farmington, NM — uh huh, gone:


This sign in Hobbs, NM

is missing a major chunk now:

This one in Ruidoso, NM — gone:

In Raton, NM, this sign is gone (a Travelodge there now):


In Albuquerque, NM, the Master Cleaners is gone and so is this guy:


Moving on to Nevada.  This sign in Jean, NV...

… has been adapted.  Google doesn’t have a good shot but the letter bulbs are gone – replaced with either neon or LED.  I think the borders are just painted.



Reno, NV took a heavy hit this past year and last.  There are dirty sandy lots all over town — soon to be horrible modern towers.  I think some or all of these signs are stashed in developers hands for now.  There has been some talk in news articles of displaying them in town somewhere but it’s pretty vague and might be just to keep people quiet long enough that they’ll forget about their loss.


As for Las Vegas, NV, a bit of good news:  The Golden Goose Casino under the Fremont canopy is gone but the statue was saved, restored and is now spinning at Fremont & 10th.  I promise this video will cheer you up:

The baseball player statue from the Vegas Club & Casino was removed at the same time as the goose.  I believe he’s still in storage for now:


Only one sign to report from New York.  This sign from Watkins Glen, NY was auctioned off when the restaurant closed.  It’s now in a private collection:


Lastly, from the “N”s and my “Norge Ball” section.  This one in Louisville, KY is gone now:


The Norge Ball in San Mateo, CA

… has been replaced with this round but flat thing:


So, that’s quite enough.  I’ll be back later tonight with the final post of this series.  I know you can hardly wait.

dj & the dogs



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