Website Updating: Signs Pt. 1

I’m proceeding through the webpages, as I do just about everything in life, in alphabetical order.  So, here are the “discoveries” (losses and triumphs) from Arizona to California.

Let’s start with the Valencia Market in Tucson, AZ.  Around last year, the sign was replaced with a neon-less replica.  Luckily, the original sign was saved and is located at the Ignite Sign Art Museum in Tucson.  Here’s the original…

… and what’s there now (not quite the same Art Deco side trim, and, boy, that font is horrid, isn’t it?):


Not by state alpha order but these two are from the “Bears” page:  the Happy Bear signs at my website here:

This sign in Ida, MI is gone now:

as is this one in Yakima, WA:

What follows is about a dozen news items from California.   Finally, some good news!  This sign in Bay Point, CA has been repainted.  Here’s what it looked like for years:

and since about a year ago:

This old 7-Eleven sign in Davis, CA has been replaced with a modern sign:

The twin Mayan Hotel signs in El Centro, CA….

… have been painted black and now have plastic letters:



Also, in El Centro, CA, not only are these signs gone but the building was also demolished:


The Cinderella Motel sign in Hollister, CA

… has been repainted (and the bulb arrow is missing):



The Kieffe & Sons Ford dealership in Rosamond, CA is gone and so is this sign:


Frank’s Fish Market in Salinas, CA is gone and so is this sign:

This sign in Victorville, CA

… no longer has neon and has been covered up with crappy signs for a couple of years now:


The Spur sign in Yuba City, CA is gone now:


The Meltdown Comics store in Los Angeles, CA closed in 2018 and this modern sign (stuck onto a vintage panel) is gone now:


This sign in Los Angeles, CA

… was removed in 2018 and reinstalled recently.  Here’s what it looks like now:

The Hotel Marshall signs in Sacramento, CA have been removed during major building rehab.  Fingers crossed that some of the signs return when they are done:


Several signs in San Jose, CA have been removed in the past year or so.  Here are just a few:


I assume  that the former Dick’s Supermarket sign panels:

are gone for good now:
But one bit of good news in San Jose though (in addition to the restoration of the Dancing Pig sign), is that the Time Deli sign….

is still there (with a new tenant below):


That’s enough for one post!  I’ll be back in a few mins. with Florida thru Louisiana.

Take care,

dj & the dogs





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