Day 28: Oklahoma (mostly Tulsa)

Three more days for this trip. Most of this day was spent in Tulsa with glorious all day sun.  Let’s start off with this sign for the Westside Laundry in Tulsa.  The sign was probably a used car lot sign originally:


This is a modern sign:


This sign is “new” in that it’s a vintage sign but it installed sometime between 2007 and 2011 above a trendy bar:


This neon detail is installed above The Colony bar sign:


The Daylight Donuts sign in Tulsa originally advertised for Shaw’s Drive-in:

At some point it was adapted for Daylight Donuts and then fell into really bad shape.  Here’s my photo from 2011:



In 2012, the neon bits were removed and it was repainted.  Horrible fonts and bizarre color choices.  But, hey, it’s still there, and there’s hope that maybe someday a true restoration might take place.


This shopping center sign was originally located in Springfield, MO.  It’s now part of the sign collection at the Stokely Event Center in Tulsa.  Here’s my photo when it was still in place in Missouri in 2010:


and today:



The Earl M. Jorgensen Co. has about 40 locations across the country. There are at least two other identical signs to this one in Dallas, TX and Lynwood, CA.  They all have neon and composite letters like this.  However, at some point, the neon in the channel letters here were replaced with cheap & crappy LED rope tubing.


The neon letters on the facade are intact.


Are per Google StreetView, the Lynwood location also has a nice facade:


and the Dallas building has a nice mid-century modern vibe:




But back to Tulsa for some more signs:






This is one of two of these signs that survive in Tulsa:



Here’s one of a dwindling population of Arby’s sign around the country. This is one of the smaller version:


But what’s even better:  a sign company maintaining the bulbs:


The last one for this post — moving on from Tulsa to Chandler:


Back with the final day of Oklahoma & some New Mexico in next weekend’s post.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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