Day 27: Oklahoma (McAlester to Tulsa)

Three days of Oklahoma to share:  here’s post 1 of 3.

Let’s start with this sign in Eufala:




Another one from Eufala.  Simple but sweet.  Well-preserved corrugated plastic signs are getting very rare:




Some signs from Muskogee:




Another one for my Happy Bear collection:




In 2011, this sign was prettier and still had its neon:

Here’s what it looks like now:





Gorgeous in this rusty state.  They are trying to raise money to restore it but I kinda hope that doesn’t happen.  Better yet, put a replica on the poles and move this guy into/on top of the building:




This cutie is in Tahlequah:




Another one from Tahlequah:




One of two C-152 Lectras across the street from each other in Chouteau.  This is the unrestored one:





This Daylight Donuts is in Verdigris — neon, bulbs, corrugated panels…



AND a vacuum form panel under the eaves.  I’m sure these were mass-produced but I’ve never seen another one anywhere:




Last one for this post — in Claremore.  This sign was restored in the past few years.  Here’s what it looked like in 2016:



Back next weekend (or so) with more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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