Day 29: Mostly Oklahoma City

The clock was really ticking on this trip with only two days to go.  But I was determined to dip into OKC for a bit.  Let’s start off with a few signs on the outskirts in Midwest City.

This one is at the Highlight Laundry:



This sign has been modernized — and not in a good way.  The manual letter readerboard at the bottom is now an annoying digital display.  The neon has been replaced with really crude LED rope lighting:


The Planet Plaza Apartments name has changed but, thankfully, this sign has been saved.  I don’t know if it was always on the side of the building.  Might have been up front.  Might have had neon:



Moving on to OKC.  Ned’s opened around 2018 and this retro sign is from then:


This modern sign is at a Crest Foods supermarket.  I don’t think the neon or animation works anymore.  Still, I love this little caveman:


Simply spectacular — and so is the building:



I’m going to assume that this was a flashing two-part arrow with the wavy part  followed by the straight part:


This sign which advertised for the Split-T Bar drive-in which closed in 2000.  The sign was shortened and adapted by Sonic and moved across the street.  Here’s what the sign looked like originally:


Moving on to Bethany.  This sign appears to be modern but it seems so odd with the diamond and palm tree.  Maybe it was reworked for this pool place which has been there since at least 2007:


Last stop before I hopped on the interstate for New Mexico.  This one is in El Reno:



Back next weekend with the final post and the big summary for this trip.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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