Day 18: Another Day in Mississippi

This was the last full day of Mississippi.  Soon to be followed by Memphis and Arkansas.

Let’s start with a couple in West Point.  A nice ghost sign:

A fun saguaro sign.  This place has been here since 1993 but the sign might pre-date that.  I looks like neon tubing holes on the cactus:



This directional sign in Tupelo is from the early 1950s:



This one in Tupelo has an unusual obelisk shape.  You don’t see the mini pyramid on top of the sign from this angle:



Let’s take a break from the signs and post some of my other favorite subjects which, if you didn’t know, I document just as thoroughly as signs at my website (2500+ pages of buildings, statues, and, yes, signs):

How about this steer statue at Mi Toro Mexican Restaurant in Booneville.  You’ll find a hundreds of other animal statues in this section:


These cigar store type Indians are in Tupelo.  Do you like Indian statues?  I’ve got four pages of them here:
and then there are the so-called “Muffler Men” type here:


How about a mid-century bank in New Albany?  If you like mid-century buildings, you’ll want to set aside a good chunk of time for this section (the biggest one at my website):


This former classic Cities Service gas station is in Aberdeen.  I’ve got over 5,000 photos of gas stations at my website.  Here’s the Mississippi Cities Service section:


A sad walled-up canopy on this classic Sinclair station in Booneville.  There are still hundreds of these scattered around the country.  No state has more of them than Texas:


Let’s wrap up with two more signs.  This one in Booneville:


And this one in Pontotoc.  Unfortunately, the vertical blade portion of this sign has been painted over and the porcelain could use a scrub.  There are only a handful of these mass-produced Elgin Watches jewelry store signs left on display around the country:

I’ll be back this weekend with more.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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