Day 9: More Louisiana

Let’s start off in Baton Rouge with this great little donut shop:


Right next door is this great crown sign.  I saw at least one or two other signs in Baton Rouge with this design.  I believe this was originally an Auto King Muffler Shop:



A nice modern sign at Schlitz and Giggles in Baton Rouge:



From Hammond: this cluster of Rexall signs — from the front:


and on the side of the bldg.  These oval signs are rarer than the navy & orange panel & projecting signs:



Moving on to New Orleans.   I’m glad this one is still hanging:


I can never get the blade sign at the right time of day or without the wires:



Let’s end with a couple of tall ones from New Orleans:




More New Orleans coming in the next post later today.  In the meantime, lots of new photos posted over at Flickr here:

dj & the dogs

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