Sign Updates (Part 4)

The grunt work is done!  I’ve finished combing the rest of the signs section at my website’s map links for changes (removals, defacing, restorations, etc.).  I’ve got enough for at least two more installments.  Let’s get back to it the “N”s.

NEW MEXICO.  In Silver City, NM, this one might be gone.  The Buffalo Bar closed in 2014. Then, in 2015, there was talk that the sign might come down temporarily for building repairs.  It’s missing at Google’s Street View from 2018.  My photo from 2012:


In Albuquerque, the Pioneer Motel sign has been adapted, badly, for apartments.  The tall MOTEL pole sign is also gone now. Here are a couple of photos that I took in 2017:

And here’s what the sign looks like today — no neon and bland as hell:



NEVADA. This sign had an interesting history.  Originally located in Vegas at the Last Frontier Village, it made its way to this parking lot in Beatty, NV.  Then, last year the sign just crashed to the ground.  I think the damage was bad enough that it was scrapped. (yes, that’s Sparkle in the background)


This sign in Elko, NV at the 449’er Club (name hidden behind the plywood in this photo) was obviously better looking before this look:

But now, here’s the even newer look:



This sign in Gardnerville, NV is gone now:


This one way out in McGill, NV — also gone:


In Wells, NV — this sign and building upon which it was installed are gone:



A bunch of neighboring signs are now missing in Reno, NV.   The developer is supposedly going to “incorporate” them into the new buildings once they are constructed.  We’ve heard that before.  Either they never come back or they end up being chopped into pieces, neon stripped, text changed, etc.  I know the sign lovers in Reno really trying to save the signs but they didn’t get anywhere.  Let’s hope we see these again, soon, intact, somewhere:


The Para-A-Dice Motel sign in Las Vegas is missing.  I talked to the Neon Museum and they said they don’t have it.  They said that the City owns it and that they believe it will be eventually displayed as part of the Enchilada Project someday.  Hope so.


More stuff missing in Vegas.  The Vegas Motel sign was removed.  The museum doesn’t know where it went.


Although the statue at the Blue Angel Motel is safe and will be restored & displayed, the rest of the signs from the property are gone now.  I don’t know if they were scrapped or if the museum took any.

The west end of the Fremont Experience is being redeveloped and the Vegas Club was demolished.  The baseball player at the Vegas Club as well as the Golden Goose are gone.  I saw photos of them on the ground and safe.  I don’t know if the Golden Goose sign was saved.  Or what the plans for the statues are.  Vegas Vickie is in storage someplace and will supposedly be reinstalled somewhere.  I don’t know if that means the Glitter Gulch sign or just her.


The neon on the Amall sign is gone now.  Here’s a “before” photo:

and the backlit plastic adapted “after”:



The Davy’s Locker sign in Vegas that was thrown in the dumpster in 2017: [before]

has been somewhat “reconstructed” for this bar.  I dunno.  I don’t see anything original there.  I think it just turned out to be a tribute piece:



OHIO.  These signs in Celina, OH are gone now (the BAIR sign probably still had the “Walgreens Agency” panel underneath):


This sign in New Philadelphia, OH:

looks like this now (neon gone, new paint for a new name):



These signs in Springfield, OH — gone now:


And this Balyeat’s sign in Van Wert — restaurant closed and the sign is gone.  Surely, someone has this treasure, right?

This one in Warren, OH:

The replacement (I’ll keep it small so it’s not as painful):



OKLAHOMA. This little detail sign from Don Hickey Used Cars in Oklahoma City is gone now.  Maybe a replacement panel or not that old but so damned cute.  Note the little neon gunfire accents which I assumed flashed.


This neon sign in Tulsa, OK is gone now.

Replaced with a boring backlit plastic box sign:



Also in Tulsa — this one was replaced with a far smaller, less interesting plastic sign (yes, that building is a former Pizza Hut):


OREGON.   This neon sign in Portland, OR:

looks like this now — neon replaced with backlit plastic letters (and the “Tavern” panel is gone):



PENNSYLVANIA.  This sign in Milford, PA — replaced with a backlit plastic box for the FairBridge Inn:


This one in Pottsville, PA is gone:

From the REXALL SIGNS section.    This sign in Oakland, CA is gone:

These signs in Crookston, MN — gone:


SOUTH DAKOTA.   This one in Deadwood, SD is gone:


TENNESSEE.   An old ripple tin from Bristol, TN — gone:


This one in Kingsport, TN — gone:


This one in Memphis, TN — gone:


This one in Nashville, TN — gone:


OK — let’s catch our breath.  Back with the final post in this series in a few minutes.



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