Signs Updates – final post!!

Let’s pick it up then with the “U” states.  I promise to end with a little happy news at the end.

Lots of losses in UTAH in the past year or so.  This one in Cedar City, UT is gone.  Replaced with another rectangular plastic box for the M Star Hotel.


This rusty-crusty in Duchesne, UT is gone now:


This one in Kanab, UT — gone now:


This one in Kanab, UT — gone now:


This one in Midvale, UT — gone:


This one in Ogden, UT — gone:


Another one in Ogden, UT that’s gone:


WASHINGTON.  This cutie in Renton, WA — gone:


This one in Tacoma, WA — gone:


This one in Seattle, WA — gone now:


The neon on this sign in Spokane, WA:

replaced with backlit plastic:



WISCONSIN.  This sign in Baraboo, WI:

looks like this now.


This sign in Beloit, WI is gone now:


This sign in Madison, WI is gone now:


This rooftop sign in Medford, WI was replaced with a backlit plastic box pole sign:


This place in Tomah, WI closed and was demolished.  These signs are gone:


WEST VIRGINIA.  This one in Beckley, WV is gone now:


This Masonic Lodge sign in Parkersburg, WV is gone now:


WYOMING.  This sign in Cheyenne, WY is gone:


This sign in Gillette, WY is a plastic box sign now:


This giant neon tomahawk in Riverton, WY is gone now.  It was at the Tomahawk Motor Lodge:


And now, as promised, some GOOD NEWS!


The Lew Rents sign in Olympia, WA:

recently got new paint and the neon appears to be intact (although it’s hard to see it at Google Street View):



The Turf Motel in Charles Town, WV:

recently became a Rodeway Inn but, shockingly, the neon is still there and looks lit — and they only messed with one panel:



The Holiday Lodge in Lander, WY:

did some remodeling and added log-like paneling — but spared the sign on the side of the building:




I’m writing about these next two signs for my next SCA Road Notes “Sign Snippets” column:

This sign in Yakima, WA is being completely restored — back to the original colors:


This sign in Springfield, IL is also being restored:


And the last bit of good news from Iron Mountain, MI.  This Norge Ball is in good hands.  Technically, this is a Norgetown sign — more about all that here at my two pages here:

Of the thousand(s) of these Norge “globe signs” (what the company actually called them) that were built, this is the ONLY ONE that is currently lit and spinning.  When I saw at Google Maps that it was no longer a laundromat but a pawn shop, I immediately picked up the phone to get the scoop.  It turns out that the owner really likes the sign and doesn’t want to sell it.  He’s keeping it lit and spinning and will probably replace the middle band with the name of his pawn shop (“some day”).   I’m hoping he forgets about that since I think that “Laundromat” band is original.  But, hey, since there are only about 50 of these signs in decent or semi-decent shape, that’s a small thing if we can keep this ONE example operational.


So, that wraps up this winter series of downer posts.  My entire website is as current as it can be for the moment.  I can now forge ahead towards planning the big June trip (Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, & Oklahoma).  I’ll also take a few little California trips before that with posts of things that miraculously still survive!

Until then, check out your favorite categories at my website via the Home Page (or use that white keyword searchbox).  If you’re the anal type, there’s also the Site Map.

If you are into signs and you can find a way, you don’t want to miss the three-day Neon Speaks Festival & Symposium at the end of April in San Francisco.

Happy trails,

dj & the dogs


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