Day 28: Albuquerque to… Home! Plus the Trip Wrap-up Summary

A few signs from Albuquerque:



At the A-1 Trophy Center:



At Ski-Hi Liquors.  The business is set on a hill on the west end of town but then I’m sure people get plenty high from what they purchase here as well:



I stopped in at Zeon Signs in ABQ to see if they had anything interesting.  Sign fans might want to pick up this little book about some of the famous signs that this company designed and built:

Sure enough!  They are restoring the Cavern Theatre sign from Carlsbad, NM:



They are also storing two local signs for Carlos Garcia with plans to eventually restore them.  The Robin Hood Inn archer is about 20 feet tall:




This one requires a little more imagination as to what the final product will look like:  the Jack’s Liquor sign.  Here’s what the sign looked like at night:

Moving on to Kingman, AZ:



This one is at the same place but way, high up there:

I stopped in at Legacy Signs & Iron to see what they might have lying about.  The local Brandin’ Iron sign is still there (eventually restoring it).  I don’t think the City Cafe sign was there last year.  This was another local sign:



And there was also an Imperial 400 sign.  I don’t know it they just have the top part or the blade is somewhere else.   If you want to see the whole sign, I have a bunch at my website here:




And then… no more stops… straight driving to Barstow, CA.  I wouldn’t driven all the way home from there but since I had no headlights…  We’ve been home two weeks.  Back all my job.  And more importantly, back at the beach!  Happy dogs, happy life.  This beach is about a four minute drive from my apartment.  Paradise!  There’s no place like home!

The Ventura River meets the ocean at this beach.  Griz is about to dive into the rivermouth to get a ballie:



29 days on the road
12,314 miles (avg. 440 mi per day)
approximately 3,000 photos for the website

Gas: $2,394 (approx. $83 day); mostly at cheap Texas prices of $2.59 gallon (vs. California $4.29)

Sparkle repairs:  AC ($333), wiring ($419), tie rods & donut gaskets ($567), new tire ($79), thunking diagnosis $22 = $1420.  Plus oil changes, air filters, & top offs = $235

Tickets:  no seat belt ($161); speeding ($250)

New radio & installation: $168

Plantsitter:  $74

Food: $471 (includes snacks, coffee & other beverages)

GRAND TOTAL: (not including lodging) about $5,173

The memories, thrills, highs & lows, adventures for me and the dogs…. PRICELESS!


So, I’m going to be quiet and busy for many months (photoshopping, researching, and uploading all these photos to the website).  The process will probably take about six months.

If you need another “fix” of photos, you might want to check out the sampling of DIFFERENT photos that I uploaded to Flickr on this trip.  You can either view them as “big” photos here:

or chronologically at this trip album:


And, if you want to review this trip’s blog in entirety, you can see everything via this link:


But that’s reverse order — So, if you want to start at Day 1, you can start here and then click on the links to the other days at the bottom of the page (above the comments):


If you’ve been viewing these posts on your phone, you’re missing out on a LOT of detail.  You might want to give things another gander on a big monitor.


And, one more link — I guess I should plug my book if you don’t already have it (it came out here in the states in April):


Until the next trip (a few three or four day weekends planned for late summer or fall)…

Happy Trails!
dj & the dogs



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