Day 27: the Rest of North Texas

We’re in the home stretch now!  Here are a couple of signs from Canadian, TX.  I especially like the bulb thingie at the top of this signs.  Looks pretty homemade and Tinker Toy-esque:





The Riverside Motel has a Best Western-ish crown sign on top:





This two panel sign in Miami, TX has been repainted and the place has been renamed the Rafter B Cafe:



Same business — this sign is stationed a bit lower:


This super-faded motel sign is in Clarendon, TX:



This terrazzo apron is in downtown Amarillo:



A mysterious arrowhead sign in Amarillo:


Maybe this canopy sign pole was meant to simulate an “A” for Amarillo originally?


Way back in the posts from this trip, I posted a couple photos of the Teddy Jack’s Hub City Grill in Lubbock.  Here’s the other location in Amarillo.  Both locations have modern retro signs:



Last subject for this post:  the former Arrow Motel in Amarillo.  The C-152 Lectra has slid down the pole.  Earlier in this trip, I posted a photo to my Flickr stream of a nicely restored example of this sign in Stamford, TX:




Last post coming up soon!

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