L.A. Area Quickies

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All of the ~3,000 photos from my June trip are officially up at my website (roadarch.com).  So, if you’re thinking of traveling to Texas or just want to travel virtually, have a look at any of the sections (signs, mid-century modern, eateries, theatres, gas stations, giant statues, etc.) and you’ll find loads of new additions.  There were also some additions to Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arizona.

In the past few weeks, I took two little daytrips down to the L.A. area.  Here are some funky-blogworthy signs, buildings, etc..  If you didn’t know, the “good stuff” appears at my website and the coarser stuff gets uploaded here.

From Hawthorne — kind of a bizarre circus thingie on top.  Maybe there were horses?  Maybe it revolved?



The Custer’s Gift Shop in Covina has been gone for many years.  Nevertheless, the sign hung in there. Here’s a photo I took in 2013:


The central panel has been missing since around 2017.  I don’t suppose any money or effort will be spent to repair it.  I doubt this will be around much longer:



From Whittier.  Too late in the day and I got silly shadows but I’ll include this anyway.



From Valley Village:



The Bootmobile at Victor’s Shoe Repair in Burbank is getting a makeover.  It’s normally red and this looks like a primer coat to me:



The Mission Hills Bowl in Mission Hills in its new life as a Ross Dress for Less store:



This sign in Los Angeles was built & installed around 2014:



Let’s close out this post with some signs from the Valley Relics Museum which recently relocated to Burbank:





Yes, part of the Premiere Lanes sign from Santa Fe Springs:





There will be more posts coming up very soon since my annual website combing project  is underway which leads to all kinds of pleasant surprises (restorations) and, more commonly, devastating discoveries about demolitions, horrible sign updating and removals.  Stay tuned!

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