Day 18: Sweetwater and Eastward to Fort Worth (Central Texas)

Another challenging cloudy day.  Did what I could, waited when it made sense, otherwise shot & moved on.  Most of the stops weren’t all that remote from I-20.  So, I’ll revisit them again one day.

Let’s start in Sweetwater with these two signs.  According to an on-line source, the “V” sign was originally installed at the Village Shopping Center. The sign was later moved to this shopping center.  Maybe there was neon originally? No idea.




Clouds AND the wrong time of day.  Oh well — an incredible plastic Masonic sign, nonetheless:


Moving on to Abilene:


What brought me to this carpet store was this guy:  one of, I believe, only two remaining Mohawk Carpet Indian signs.  This one’s been repainted and missing the detail but I’m still happy to see he’s still there.  The other one is in Denver — a non-working mechanical sign — at my website here:



In Dublin at the Dublin Bottling Works.  Note the condensation on the bottle.  The heat was relentless on this trip.  I drank the entire thing in about 60 seconds:


From Breckenridge.  Oh, for some sun!


From Granbury:




The Brazos Motel in Granbury was demolished when the Mesquite Pit was built.  The sign was saved and is now displayed inside the restaurant:


Last photo for this post — at Last Stop Liquor in Azle:



On to Fort Worth tomorrow!

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