Day 17: Hearne to Sweetwater (Central Texas)

The clouds really messed with me today.  But I won’t show you those disappointing photos.  Let’s start in Coleman before the day went to hell.  This one is in Coleman at Owl Drugs:



I don’t know what this pretty blade sign advertised for originally.  Must have been a nice one.  The plugged tubing holes on the lower right show that it had bull nose tubes:



I don’t usually shoot painted ghost signs but this one was pretty with all the overlapping text:



We’re still in Coleman.  This one must have been gorgeous with neon:


The jewelry shop is closed but the gorgeous vitrolite (glass) tiles are still there:


and the interior is delightful:



That immediately recognizable sign frame indicated that this was originally a Mr. Burger:



Just off the main square in Coleman, this public art project that was done sometime after 2013.  The cow paintings were paid for by local ranchers but I can’t find any more details than that:




Moving on to San Angelo at Stango’s Coffee Shop.   Oh how I wish I’d gone inside!  Their website shows they have other neon goodies inside:

Google Street View reveals that this sign was not here in 2007 but here by 2012 when Stango’s was there.  Maybe this “Coffee Shop” panel was added by them — note the rectangular cut-out in the panel and the oddly raised letter “C”.  It’s odd how the letters seem to be set into recessed indentations (does that make sense?) in the sign panel.



Another shot from San Angelo just down the street.  This are new retro signs.  The restaurant hasn’t been here that long.  Their website also shows they have some old signs inside:



These interesting sputnik features are installed at Johnson Roofing in Robinson.  This one is on top of tractor trailer painted as a billboard.  I love the multi-colored roofing options:



And this one is on top of the office’s steeple.  I’ve got lots of sputniks at my website but I don’t think any are a match for these.  Check them out here:



Moving on to Waco.  Breakfast of champions.  Something to munch on while waiting on those evil clouds to part.  Diet Coke cancels out the calories.


I believe this Jack ‘N Jill location is the only one left with a neon sign (or maybe it was the only one built).  Its rooftop location makes it just about impossible to shoot from either side.



Also in Waco — gray, gray, go away:



Last one — from Brownwood:



That’s it for Day 17.  11 more days and 11 more posts to come.  Hopefully, I can catch up with all of those next weekend and get to work on the website.

Happy trails,
dj & the dogs

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