Day 16: Last Bit of Austin and North of There

I was so excited to share those pretty photos with you yesterday that I forgot to mention a morning event.  Leaving the tiny town of Giddings, I guess I hit the accelerator too quickly.  A very nice officer gave me a ticket for 12 miles over the speed limit that cost me $255.10.  I was extra careful after that and either stayed close to the limit or in the middle of the pack.

The day started off sunny and promising enough but then the clouds came.  The full-sky type that were too dense to wait out.  Most of the full sun happened when I was driving the distances between stops.  I just had to shoot what I could and move on.  I’ll be back again one day!

A modern sign in Austin at a Catfish Parlour on Research Drive:



From blue skies to grey… still in Austin not even a half hour later.  A detail from the Quality Seafood sign:



Is this a Texas thing?  Two tire rim man statues the same day.  This one at Inman’s Ranch House Bar-B-Q in Marble Falls:


and this one in San Saba at J.C. Smith Co.:



In, you guessed it, Lllano — would be so much prettier if there had been sun:



A couple from Killeen, TX:




And a couple of signs from Temple, TX:




This sign is inside the Kincl Building in Taylor with a bunch of other antiques & such.  I poked around at Flickr & Google and couldn’t come up with a location for this one.  Paris, TX would seem appropriate but didn’t seen anything.  Apparently, there was a panel covering up Paris for awhile so that might be why nothing comes up. Those tubing holes seem huge to me.




Let’s close up with a “stumble” (something that wasn’t on my list that brought me much delight):  one of those now-rare spinning disc signs.  This one wasn’t spinning but that’s okay.  It’s at the HRH Garage in Thorndale, TX.



Here’s a video of what these signs look like where they’re working.  I took this on even gray-er day in New Jersey.  This sign is gone now:


More coming up soon,
dj & the dogs

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