Day 15: Mostly Austin

This post is going to be a biggie!  A few stops and then we are on to Austin.

This one is at Bastrop’s Fieldhouse BBQ in Bastrop:


Another one in Bastrop:



Moving on to San Marcos which is overrun with modern, retro style neon signs.  I’m assuming these were done by Austin artists, the likes of Todd Sanders, Evan Voyles, or their proteges.


Yup, modern:


Uh-huh, modern:




Moving on then to Austin.  Many of you will recognize this guy that was installed above the storefront of Uncommon Objects on South Congress.  The store moved to another location and he’s now inside:



The Gibson Guitars showroom has lots of vintage neon signs.  Unfortunately, it’s only open by appointment and I rarely have time to make those kinds of arrangements.  I got what I could from the window:



A nice modern sign at the Catfish Parlor on East Ben White Blvd.:



In the backyard at Todd Sanders’ Roadhouse Relics.  Some of you may remember a modern Chicken Shack sign posted earlier in this trip.  Well, this is one of the original signs.






At the Maudie’s Tex-Mex on South Lamar — modern with apparently an animated arm:



The Sahara Motel sign that was originally in Abilene, TX now resides at the Sahara Lounge.  There must be another name under that tacked on Sahara panel.  In Abilene:



Modern and wonderful sign.  I love grackles — they are noisy and arrogant — making them the perfect bar mascot.  Note the texture on the panel:



At “El Sol y La Luna” (closed restaurant).  I know this modern sign was created by Todd Sanders:



I don’t know who did this modern sign but ain’t it great?  The neon goes from the spool on the left to the needle on the far right.  And they also have a neon pole sign:




Last one for this batch.  I assume this is modern but maybe it could be 1960s-1990s:



I just uploaded lots of fantastic photos from today over at Flickr as well:

More later today,
dj & the dogs

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