Day 14: Conroe to La Grange (north & west of Houston)

Most of the day was spent at the shop in Conroe.  When the mechanic got a closer look, he realized it wasn’t the exhaust manifold at all that was making the noise.  It was the doughnut (!) gaskets and tie rods.  A big wait to get the parts… and get them installed.. and then paid the $567 bill.   Ouch.  Everything seemed quiet enough (though I commented that I thought it was still a little louder than normal). I got about an hour away in Navasota and then the exhaust was louder than ever.  I was P-I-S-S-E-D!  Drove back to the garage and it was already late afternoon.  I figured I’d be in Conroe again for the night.  But it was fairly simple: a missing bolt and gasket in a different location (near the muffler).  No charge to replace those and I was finally on my way.  No more exhaust noise problems after that.

So, this will be another short post — it’s a miracle I got any shots at all!  And the sun and clouds were gorgeous all day — killing me! From Navasota:



From Bryan:


From Brenham:


Another from Brenham but partly shaded by this time.  Oh well.  Another time, Winkelmann Studio:


Also in Brenham:



A former Red & White Super Market sign (the Super Market panels are missing) in Fayetteville.   The porcelain panel letters are embossed.  This sign was not here in 2008 but was in place by 2009:



Lots more tomorrow,

dj & the dogs

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