Day 13: Weimar to Conroe (near & north of Houston)

This will be a short post since the day was cut short by:  a) clouds and then b) mechanical woes.  In the afternoon, I pulled into a Midas shop in Conroe because I thought my exhaust was getting louder.  I just had my muffler replaced about a month ago.  So, I had no idea what it could be.  The Midas shop couldn’t even look at it until the morning.  So, I found a Meineke (what did we do before cell phones & Google search? I guess we just asked around).  They looked at it but gave me some bad news:  broken exhaust manifold that would need to be replaced.  They had to make a bunch of calls but  wouldn’t get parts until the morning.  So, I made a date for 7am with them and hoped for the best.   I’ll keep you in suspense like I was until the next post.

Here are some photos from earlier in the day.  This Smokey Bear guy is in Cleveland – at Smokey’s Tire & Brake:


From Livingston:


This sign was supposedly previously used for a drive-in in Huntsville before it was adapted for the Long Star Liquor store:


There are loads of Cavender’s Boot City signs out there around Texas.  Although most (all?) of them are modern, this one is a full-bodied one.  Most of them time, these signs don’t have the legs below the text panels:


From Conroe.  This one is more vintage.  I don’t know if it ever had neon.  The sign was repainted around 2009.



Last one from Navasota.  Who can resist a donut sign?  And these are the full height of the building.  Coffee cup is a bonus:



Another post coming right up,
dj & the dogs

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