Day 19: Stuck in Lake Worth

The day started out super cloudy and I had only taking about a dozen disappointing photos.  I turned off the engine (something I rarely do) to wait it out.  Half hour later, turned the key.  Nothing.  Had to get towed to a Pep Boys.  Turned out that Pep Boys didn’t “do electrical”.  So, I had to get towed a second time to another location.  It took a couple hours to get to me and then another couple hours to diagnose the problem.  I didn’t think it would be the battery (only a month old) or the starter (less than a year old).  Sure enough, it turned out to be a wire that’s part of the wiring harness.  After studying the electrical diagram, the mechanic did some bypass thing and replaced the “pigtail”, which either was or was in addition to a “crank position sensor”.  It was a big job and meant he would have to finish in the morning.

Here’s our typical two-chair setup at Pep Boys (yes, we’ve been to many on the road).  Nik at the back of one chair with me perched on the edge in front of him with my laptop.  The rest of the family shares the other chair.


On to a better day tomorrow,

dj & the dogs

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