Day 8: Mostly San Antonio

This day was a little challenging with clouds.  Sometimes, the clouds completely blocked the sun and I’d have to stand there are wait for the big ones to get outta the way.  Even when they would move, there would often be a thin layer of clouds making the colors of my subjects pretty flat.  Ah well.  Someday, another San Antonio trip and, with some luck, it will be a sunnier day.

On with the San Antonio signs.  This Masonic sign is an example of the less than ideal lighting conditions:


There was a 10-minute wait for this one:


Flat navy/black — I don’t know what creased this sign — truck, falling tree?


This sign has had some hard times.  With the neon removed, someone made an attempt to outline the letters with cheap LED rope:

I think the background behind the “Carnation” letters would have been red originally:


I don’t know how original the paint job or lettering is.  There are patched tubing holes especially around “ST.” which would indicate this sign read something else previously.


Two from Tucker’s:



This sign might be vintage — or in the style of.  The spiral parking garage it’s attached to is definitely mid-century:


The “Labor and Professional Center” panel must have revolved originally:


All that’s left of this place is the facade (note trees behind the window) and this sweet old sign.  The letters are all separate pieces:



This sign company has been around since 1925:


Although the text panel has been reworked, I’m so glad they kept the golf ball & tee:


More soon,
dj & the dogs

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