Day 7: Sinton to San Antonio (Southern TX)

I can’t think of any other P66 vaccum form signs left in the wild.  This one’s in Devine, TX:

From Hondo, TX:


In Fredericksburg, TX (yes, that’s Sparkle hiding in the background):


From San Antonio — previously Brooks May Music Co. (now Alamo Music Center):


Okay, one more doggie photo.  My front seat passengers at the moment: Griz & Dill at a stoplight.  Yes, my dogs travel “loose” (not in crates).  Sure, they could go thru the windshield if there’s a huge collision.  But the risk/reward to me weighs in favor of letting them watch the world go by, bark at stuff, lay in the sun, hang in my lap, and just plain enjoy travelin’ to the max.


More San Antonio:



One more — from Castroville — running out of daylight (the “golden hour” that some people love but I hate):


Lots more tomorrow,
dj & the dogs

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