Day 9: Seguin to Webster (SE Texas)

Another cloudy morning.  My approach was to wait a little and shoot what I could, then move on even if it means lots of reshooting in the future.  Better to grab and go rather than waste time which would be valuable later in the trip (more on my list than was do-able in a month).  I gave the 5-ish stops planned for Seguin about 45 mins. before I gave up and left.  Here’s the grey background and flat colors.  But, you never know, this one might be gone by the next time I get there:



As I was stalling in little old Seguin, I got a seat belt ticket.  It was 7:30am and I guess the cop had nothing better to do.  I rarely wear my seat belt (I know, I know…) unless I’m really cooking on the interstates.  NYC cops got me about a half dozen times when I lived there.  Seguin got me for $154, dammit.  I cheered myself up later with this:

A couple of signs from Victoria, TX which would look far better in sun.  At Devereux Gardens:


and Rogers Pharmacy:



While in Victoria, I stopped the The Corral to see if there was anything left of this sign which was destroyed in Hurricane Harvey last year.  This sign featured animated flaming arrows on a wire across the parking lot which erupted into a fireball on the roof.  One of my photos from 2011:


But all that gone now.  The photos of the sign that I saw after the hurricane showed the Indian panels doubled over and apparently unsalvageable.  The text panel was still there on this trip.  I went inside (it’s now Limon’s BBQ) and asked if there were any pieces of the Indian left.  I was told that he’s being “repaired”.  I wanna believe but…. we shall see.

The KULP radio station in El Campo:



Since I’ve concluded that most of my blog followers only want to see signs, I rarely include buildings even though I probably shoot just as many or more buildings for my website as signs.  I’ll throw a few buildings in here that might appeal to some folks.  This ship is now permanently grounded and used as a bait shop (“Hookers Bait Shop,” to be specific) in Freeport, TX.   Gotta love the flags and bright paint job:

The “Kettle House” in Galveston was built from steel panels in the early 1990s and had been vacant for many years.  In fact, it’s not clear if it ever was occupied.  Here’s a photo I took in 2011:


I was happy to see on this trip that it’s being cared for.  Looks like new windows, supports, and rust prevention.  Google Street View from 2016 showed it looking like the first photo above.  So, these changes must be recent.  There are a bunch of these heavy wooden posts in front of the building as well.  I’m hoping that when the work is done, this place will still be visible from the highway.



Last one, also from Galveston.  This sign was built in 2014 in the style of the 1940 sign which was originally installed on this former Sears building (it read “SEARS” on top and “ROEBUCK and CO.” below).


More posts coming,
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