3 Days in the Desert (Day 2)

Moving on to Nevada.  This sign is located at Clark’s Liquor in Hawthorne.  I don’t believe there’s any special name for these signs.  But I just call them “sequin signs”.  They are very reflective and the little “sequins” blow around in the wind.  I’m sure they were very common at one time but there are very few left in the country now:


Some more signs in Hawthorne:



The pigeons perched on top give some scale to this one:


This sign in Tonopah has really faded.  It was much more fun when it had some color:


One of the more vibrant signs at the Clown Motel:


These cards & dice are at the Tonopah Liquor Company (a bar):

About an hour north of Tonopah, this happened.  This tire looked completely fine in the morning.  I always do a walk-around inspection on trips (and even at home).  Plenty of tread.  I was doing about 80, smelled rubber and eased off the road.  The tire was completely shredded like a lawnmower attack.   In the middle of nowhere but, luckily, there was cell phone service and it wasn’t hot.  But it took more than an hour for the AAA tow truck to come.  The only tire shop in town was closed on Saturdays. But the guy came in for me and I was back on the road.  I lost about 3 1/2 hours of driving/shooting time.


Onward to Eureka.  Those that are familiar with the Owl Club Casino will be happy to see that the old sign is still on display, sort of.  There’s a bright but boring plastic sign outside now but these pieces of the old sign are inside the bar.  Here’s what the sign looked like when it was still outside:

Inside, the owl no longer has any neon:


The two text panels were split up and are displayed on different walls:


I’ll get Day 3 up tomorrow night.  In the meantime, more photos from this trip are over at Flickr here:

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