Day 12: Dallas-Fort Worth Area (Part 2)

A cloudy morning really bummed me out.  I took a few naps.  Then, as soon as I got myself set up at Starbucks with my laptop and papers and all that, the sun came out.  Shit!  Packed everything back up and then the clouds came back.  Dammit.   Lots of pauses throughout the day to wait for the sun and then the world’s worst traffic jam on the interstate heading out of Dallas.  An accident AND construction.  So, this post is a bit shorter than most.

More stuff from Dallas.  Let’s start with this one with the cloudy background.  I’m sure these were mass-produced but I don’t know of any that are left:


A cute little detail on a blown out sign at the Garland Road Thrift Store:


And this cute fella at Sali’s Italizan Restaurant.  I’ve got a thing for pizza chefs:


This was built as a Hardee’s.  A car wash office now with the steeple removed.  And BOY did I catch hell from the owner/manager for taking this photo.  He ran out screaming at me and wrote down my license plate saying he was calling the police.  Sheesh.  I didn’t bother to interact — that never goes well.   Here’s what the building and sign would have looked like originally:


I don’t know if this sign is adapted or reconstructed or both.  It looks pretty new.  It might have been (or been inspired by) the Fidelity Union Life Insurance parking garage which was here previously.  Maybe the letters inside the arrow read parking (one letter less now and reconfigured):


This Coca-Cola sign is in front of the Farmers Market building.  These signs were mass-produced for Coke and there are about a dozen of them displayed around the country.  I don’t know if the “Western Cafe” was in Dallas or if this came from somewhere else.  It appears that the top and bottom panels of this sign were covered up a few years ago:


The Chevrolet Motor Company Building was built it 1923.  It now houses the Futura Lofts.  I assume this sign was adapted but I can’t find any photos anywhere.


This artsy pizza slice hovers over Serious Pizza:


Finally done with Dallas.  I shot this Independent Order of Oddfellow sign in Grapevine just as I was running out of light.


Five more days/posts to come.  That might straggle out until next weekend which will give you time to see the purtier photos from this trip over at Flickr:


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