Day 13: Northwest Texas

Moving on out of the Dallas-Fort Worth area through tiny towns en route to the more populous Panhandle.  Not a lot to shoot but the AC was working nicely and it was relaxing (soporific) after several very hectic days.  So, this post will be shorter than most.

This sign is displayed on the ground in Decatur.  I’m assuming it’s at the site or near the site of the former motel:


From Seymour.  I assume this was the Wagon Wheel Cafe:


And, even in the little towns, mid-century modernsurprises:


Arrived in Lubbock in the afternoon where there was a lot more to shoot:


Although the disk on top of the sign is pretty plain, it’s still a cute logo for hot/cold:


I was really looking forward to seeing and shooting this one.  Alas, the best part (the clown) is gone now.  Here’s what we missed:



But I was immediately cheered up when I found a big vacant lot with a prairie dog colony.  I cut the dogs loose for a good romp despite the heat.  The prairie dogs always win the game, of course.  Chirping to each other and ducking down their holes just when the dogs get within a couple of feet.  There was a creek nearby that I dunked the canine dogs in after that.

Two fun signs at the same place:



And just around the corner:


Moving on to Amarillo at dusk.  I can’t help but include another alignment bear.


More Amarillo in the next post.


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