Day 10: Onward to Fort Worth

I finished up all the Abilene area stuff yesterday and was anxious to get going.  We showed up at the Pep Boys in Abilene for our 8am appointment.  I got a lot of photoshopping done thanks to the Wi-Fi while the kids waited patiently:


The “Master Tech” diagnosed that the A/C tubing which Firestone installed in 2012 was not installed properly and had rubbed against stuff and created pin-sized holes.  He put in proper brackets and even fixed (for free!) my dying driver door handle and three power/cigarette outlets which were hanging by a thread.  I was reimbursed for the previous two A/C “repairs” on this trip.  We lost about five hours but I’m happy to say that the A/C worked the rest of the trip.

Let’s start with a bunch of stuff from Fort Worth where the clouds were with us — in a good way for the most part.  Sometimes, I’d have to stand there for a few minutes when the sun went away.  But I just stared at the ground so I’d be ready to push the button when I saw the hard shadows appear.


Three shots from the Drummers Inn:








It must have been stunning when it had neon:


This crappy plastic covering was added within the last year or so.  A trade-off I guess since it protects the neon.  Here’s what the sign looks like at night:


This one has been neon-less for years:


Creepy but great statue at Mr. Pollo #2.  What kind of tool is he using on that chicken?  It looks more like an apple peeler than a knife:


The Jefferson Drive-in theatre was located Dallas.  It was the last drive-in in the Dallas area.  Here’s a photo I took of the sign in 2003:


The drive-in closed around 1990 and the sign sat there for years until a new elementary school was built on the site.  The sign was saved and it has been repurposed at this place in Kennedale:


I shot this Dutch Maid Do-Nut Shop sign in Haltom City in 2011:


The cruller’s hole has been covered up and the sign advertises for the Taqueria El Toro now:


This sign in Fort Worth appears freshly repainted.  I’m betting this has always advertised for a used car lot:


Moving on to Dallas tomorrow.


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