Summer Trip – Day 3 / Western Oregon

This day was spent mainly in Western Oregon, including Portland, with a tiny bit of Washington.  There will be lots more Oregon in later posts from this trip.

Let’s start with some Portland stuff:

This former Chevrolet sign is located inside the Super Chevrolet Parts Co.:

This sign looks pretty much the same as it did originally — just a few color changes:



This sign appeared around 2012 when the building began housing HD Loft Studios.  I don’t know where this sign came from.  There’s a plastic covering protecting the neon:


If you’re into the rusty, this one’s for you.  The hotel is being renovated.  I hope they don’t mess with this sign:



Moving on to The Dalles:


These two Hotpoint signs are at Pioneer Electric — still in business!:


A two-fer with the IOOF sign:


That yellow “corduroy” plastic is sure holding its color!


A close-up of the diver (= pool, and I believe the motel still has one).  Maybe the tubing holes supported the text “Pool”?  Can’t quite tell from this vintage postcard:


Crossing over the Washington border for just a bit.  This is from Goldendale:


Also in Goldendale.  I saw at least one other sign on this trip with a neon asterisk (?) like this so they must have been mass-produced:


Back in Oregon.  On the roof of the Pheasant Grill Drive-in in Arlington:



From Hermiston:  At first glance, the Obie’s Express coffee place looks like a former Mister Donut but there are too many folds in that folded plate roof.  The giant coffee cup is just barely three-dimensional.  I don’t know what the building housed originally.  Google Street View shows that it’s been Obie’s since at least 2007:


Just down the street, is this now-Rodeway.  It was originally, or at least previously, the Way Inn Motel.  The roof was painted white at that point – with those white rocks making a lot more sense!  Now, they look just delightfully silly:


Crossing over officially into Washington for a few days now.  This sign is from Selah:


Last photo for the night — ran out of daylight in Sumner.  One of the smaller, modern versions of the famous Elephant Car Wash signs in Seattle (and Rancho Mirage, CA):


More soon…


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