Summer Trip – Day 4 / Western & Central Washington

Moving on now to Seattle (briefly since I spent a good chunk of time there last year) and then heading eastward.  The weather was grey and crappy most of the day.  But out of the 10 days, I think this was the only one where I didn’t get full sun (and temps hovering around 100 degrees).

Starting this post with some Seattle things.  These two signs inside Luna Park Cafe  appear to be vintage with modern neon applied.  There are some other signs & lots of other vintage goodies inside as well:



This former Denny’s has lots of original details — starting with the sign:


and then there’s the incredible interior:



Some Seattle vintage neon:


and a modern neon bowl of noodles at the former Standard Cafe (now Artform, a framing store).


With the gloomy weather, it was not a good day for shooting.  But I was happy that this time, I finally got to see the roving Pig Food Truck (aka Maximum / Minimus).  They were just about to open so I didn’t have lines of people to interrupt the view.  Just the guy on the roof painting:



I shot this photo at The Shack last year.  I’ve heard that it was a repurposed sign:

I’m wondering if this sign that I shot on this trip might be related:


Moving on — this American Legion Post sign is in Snohomish:


This former Fotomat is also in Snohomish:


The dogs & I arrived at dusk in Wenatchee where there are lots of great signs.  However, very few were lit at night.


More tomorrow,


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