Summer Trip – Day 2 / Western Oregon (Pt 2)

I was thrilled to stumble upon these Little Miss signs in Junction City.  Well, actually just one sign but the two panels displayed inside next to the drive-thru window.  I believe there are only about eight of these still on display across the country.  More about them at my website halfway down this page:



This sign in Willamina was originally a Sambo’s sign:

The building is nothing special so it was either demolished or this sign was brought from someplace else:

The Otis Cafe is, naturally, in Otis:

This sign is in Cloverdale, OR.  It’s probably modern but still blog-worthy:



The Pronto Pup in Rockaway Beach opened earlier this year.  I was happy to see that they had vegan corn dogs!


Rockaway Beach is the birthplace of corn dogs.  They were invented in the late 1930s.  The first Pronto Pup stand opened around 1941 in Portland.  Their website says 1941 but some of their signs say “since 1946” and “since 1947.”  The history gets hazier after that.  At some point, the name might have been used generically.  Today, Pronto Pups are sold at State Fairs across the country.  I believe the present-day company is really just a manufacturer of the batter but I haven’t done my homework yet.  These vintage photos inside the Rockaway Beach store show some neat vintage neon signs that no longer exist:




This sign is in Astoria:


This Harvey Marine sign is in Aloha, OR:


The store is technically closed although the company is still doing on-line business.  Muffler Man fans are worried about what will become of this former Texaco statue with the bunny head which stands in front of the closed store.  More about this statue and its brothers one-third of the way down my page here:


Let’s wrap up this post with two signs from Portland:


I was relieved to seen that one of the plastic onion dome panels which was missing last year had been replaced:


More coming soon,



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