Summer Trip – Day 2 / Western Oregon (Pt 1)

Time out from the signs and buildings.   This quickie post features some photos of my traveling buddies.  This romp was at one of our fave places, Gearhart, OR, where you can drive on the beach.  There’s Nik, Sparkle (423,000 miles young) & Fixie:


A wonderful place:


A close-up of Grem with Nik & various toys in the background:


Griz – the baby of the family (about 3 yrs old):


The two boys:


Nik just had $5500 of surgery on his “good eye”.  He’s basically blind but saving that 0.1% vision was worth it:



Grem — the trouble-making, Einstein of the group:


Fixie — the old lady kickin’ up sand.  Sort of.  She’s 17 and this might be her last big roadtrip:


Da family:



Back soon with another post — on topic, I promise!

Gremlin, Griswold, Fixie, & Sputnik

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10 thoughts on “Summer Trip – Day 2 / Western Oregon (Pt 1)

    • Thanks! Fixie is hanging in but mucho arthritis, sometimes disoriented, and kind of doddering gait. But she still loves to eat. It’s a daily evaluation of quality of life. She’s seen it all, done it all — as good and long a life as they come. I’m not going to wait until she’s miserable.

  1. Hi DJ – Thanks for the photos of the kids! They’re my favorite part of your posts (remember, I’m only a quasi-roadside enthusiast because of Doug). The dawgs all look great and like they’re having the time of their lives. I can’t wait till we get dawgs too. Mo

    • Hey there! Thanks for checking in. I usually try to include at least one post on the big trips showing my companions which are actually a huge part of my trip (life). The beaches in Oregon are very dog-friendly. Promise you’ll get a rescue when the time comes! If you go to, I guarantee you’ll have one sleeping on your couch by Monday.

  2. I remember the day they/you got busted for being on a beach in SoCal that did not allow dogs…that was the first time I reached out to you…the kids look great and are the highlight of your posts!
    Keep it up! We still miss you here in Brooklyn!

  3. Hmm. I don’t even remember being busted on a SoCal beach. I know I got some horrifyingly expensive ticket in a Santa Monica park at 6am. I think it was $600 or something. I fought it (court appearance) and got it reduced a little. There are several beaches here in Ventura where the leash law isn’t enforced — thank goodness! I’m glad you like seeing the kids. I only show them sparingly since I don’t want to bore my sign-loving audience. I miss the City in some ways — but not the cold, the parking hassles, the subway, etc. I would absolutely KILL for a simple potato knish. They must have them L.A. but I never think to look when I’m there.

    • I KNOW! Yes, se-ven-teen! And Nik’s TWELVE! Where does the time go? You’d love Grizzly — he’s the smoochiest, silliest. But he has “other dog issues” which has been a real learning curve for me.

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