Summer Trip (CA, WA & OR) – Day 1

I just got home from my big trip of the year.  10 days of racing around Washington & Oregon with my lists and four dogs.   I put 5,111 miles on good ol’ Sparkle and blew $871.41 on gas alone.  There were a couple of mechanical “events.”  A frayed ignition coil wire brought me and my pack to a sudden halt in 100+ temps  just north of Coulee City, WA.  After a few hours, a $160 towing bill and $86 fix got us back going again.  In Spokane, there my catalytic converter needed its third repair of the year.  No one can figure out what’s causing the trouble.  After about 4 hours and $666, we were back on the road.

I’ve got about 1,000 photos from this trip ready to crop & tweak for the website.  It may take me until winter to get them all up.  For now, I’ve got a sampling of photos from each day for this blog and my Flickr account.

After nine hours of driving and coffee, it was Willits for the night.  This sign is much more appealing at night than by day:


From the patched neon tubing holes, clearly there was different text on the sign panels originally:


Another sign from Willits:


An a-Frame coffee kiosk in Fort Bragg.  There was a HUGE line of cars:



Here are a few signs from Garberville:




From Fortuna — love the neon gas flame:

A few signs from Eureka:


At the AA Bar & Grill:


Also in Eureka — here’s my photo of the Bob Crivello sign from 2008:


Around 2014, the sign came down during a windstorm.  The owner has been unable to find a neon shop to fix the sign.  It lays in the back parking lot for now:




One last photo for this post — also from Eureka.  This nice oldie stands next to the service shop for Northwood Hyundai and Chevrolet:


I’ll be posting more posts this weekend.  Hopefully, wrap things up in the next week or two.  You might also want to check out other photos from this trip being added simultaneously as I make my way through the batches:

Back with more photos very soon,

dj & the well-traveled dogs

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