Day 13: Canada & a Wee Bit of Washington

Picking up on this trip in Vancouver, BC with the Bowmac sign which was built in 1958.  It was declared a landmark but has been somewhat obscured by the Toys “R” Us sign.  More about the sign at this link:


The Ridge Theatre was demolished a couple of years ago.  The sign was saved and has been installed on top of the condos which are being built.  I dunno — those letters look brand new to me:


I love this hand-painted sign:




How about some swell embossed plastic signs:


There used to be loads of these Coca-Cola signs but they’re now a rare species:


I don’t think these Coke or 7Up signs were ever used in the U.S.:


One more from Vancouver:


The border crossing into the States was even more aggravating.  The dogs and I got to stay in the van but there were loads of nosy, irritating personal questions.  15 minutes of wanting to say “it’s none of your f-ing business!”  I should have just said I was visiting friends — which is what any crook or smuggler would have said.  But I’m an honesty freak.  So, when I said I was taking pictures, I guess it seemed like a dumb and suspicious reason for the trip to the border cop.  I’m in no rush to go back to Canada.

The Kenmore Lanes is, naturally, in Kenmore, WA.  If this sign is vintage, it’s been messed with quite a bit.  That “Lanes” font seems to be deliberately retro looking, and, of course, that message board below is horribly modern:


This Fraternal Order of Eagles sign in Kirkland was restored in 2013:


These two beauties are in North Bend:



This sign in Roslyn is apparently a former Philco sign like this one  – note the laurel leaves on the sides:


One more post to go!


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