Day 12: North of Seattle and into Canada

The killer heat continued — but with blue skies & sun, I really didn’t mind it.  Let’s start with a couple of signs from Everett.  This one is located at Everett Used Cars:


The nicely weathered Everett Motel sign:


From Anacortes:


I’m puzzled by this neon sign in Marysville.  Is that a hand holding something which is creating sparks or what?  I don’t know if this sign is associated with the Widow Maker Custom Motorcycle Fabricating business or not:


From Oak Harbor — this sign still had neon tubing in 2012:

That’s cheap LED tubing on the sign now.  They didn’t bother adding it to the arrow:


This sign is at Mom’s Cafe in Burlington.  Mom’s is closed now — let’s pray this backlit plastic monkey is adopted by the next tenant:


It looks like “Some Place” under “Mom’s” but there must have been another name before that:


From Bellingham which is far, far from any real palm trees:


From Lynden:


After a lengthy and thorough search of my van by border personnel, some interrogation and overly personal questions, trauma to the dogs (being locked in a crate in 100 degree temps), we arrived in Canada — a little later than planned.  The light was already waning — so, here’s the best I could do for the incredible Rickshaw sign in Surrey:



This one is in New Westminster:


Until just a few years ago, there were lots of old Safeway signs in Canada.  Now, it’s down to a handful.  This one’s in Coquitlam:


Two more posts from this trip to go!


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