Day 9: More Northwest Washington

Since another grey day was predicted, and no time to wait it out, I spent most of the day shooting remote stuff on my list for the Olympic Peninsula.

I started the day in Bremerton, WA.  I can’t resist a pizza chef sign — I’ve got a page of them at my website here:


From Bainbridge Island — this sign was demolished at the end of last year since it was deteriorating and considered unsafe. The neon letters were saved and installed on this tower-like sign which looks just like the old one:


In Port Townsend, there’s the Eaglemount Rockery Cottages which have lots of little folk art, miniature buildings and statues. Apparently, this cute dinosaur can no longer support himself and leans into the shrubbery and cemented rocks.  There’s no way to shoot him to show both his face and body:



The human statues all look like this blacksmith — with life-sized doll-like heads and stuffed looking bodies:


By Port Angeles, the clouds had really won.  This sign is at the DuPuis Restaurant:


More coming!


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