Day 7: Coastal Oregon and Washington

This was a pretty gloomy day with remote stops and much time spent running the dogs at the beach waiting for things to improve (which they didn’t). So, this will be a short post.  I attributed the heavy clouds to just being near the ocean but noooo.   I considered maybe re-routing my trip and heading way out east to Spokane the next day.  But the weather forecast showed heavy clouds and rain for the next few days for the entire state.  So, this is mid-summer in the Pacific Northwest?  I had no idea!

One of the funnest beach stops of the trip was in Gearhart, OR.  Obviously, you can drive onto the beach and there was nobody else around.  Sparkle there on the left passed the 400,000 mile mark on this trip.


Nik (and his shadow) chasing ballies.  I love how all his feet are in the air in this one:

After he tracks down his ball by sound and smell (he’s about 99% blind at this point), he runs with the ball and entertains himself for a while, throwing it, finding it, running and leaping with it in his little fantasy world.  He’s very self-sufficient — and probably a bit autistic:


This is Grem’s “who’s your boyfriend?” trick.  Griz is happy to oblige.  He lives and breathes for her:


This is their “Show Me Some Lovin'” dual trick.  It consists of hugs and kisses.  They can stand like this for a long time offering all kinds of variations:


Grem’s kisses are more like open-mouthed nips but Griz doesn’t mind since he’s getting treats for whatever she does:


A family portrait (sans me) – rare to get all four of them actually present and looking at the camera:


While we were there, I dug into my slice of marionberry pie that I picked up at the Berry Patch in Westport, OR.  I’ve had all kinds of berry stuff on this trip since that’s the local seasonal thing here.  And incredible onion rings and shakes.  All the things I never eat at home:


On with a few signs from today.  This one in Castle Rock, WA:


This one in Longview, WA:


From Astoria, OR:


Surfing Sasquatches at the North Beach Motel in Ocean City, WA — in the rain:



A “true” Muffler Man — in Centralia:


These two last signs also in Centralia:


This sign previously advertised for the El Rancho Bar & Grill — now an antiques shop in the space below:


Two more days to catch up on.  From the miserable clouds outside, it appears I just might catch up!


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10 thoughts on “Day 7: Coastal Oregon and Washington

    • I try to sneak in one little batch on each major trip just to show what else these trips are about. They’re having LOTS of fun running many times per day since we’ve really had some lousy weather for shooting.

  1. One of my cats is blind… it’s fascinating how well they can cope. It must make your heart happy to see Nik enjoying himself like that! Handsome group of dogs!

    • Thanks! Yes, Nik was probably blind in one eye for at least a couple of years and I never knew it. People at the beach are always shocked that Nik zips around at 60mph when he can barely see. Just enough to run parallel to the water — and I give him a “careful!” to slow him down to a near stop when he comes near a clump of seaweed or people.

  2. I love seeing the pups, too! I hope the weather cooperates a little better in the coming days.

    Oh, and I’m super excited about Sparkle turning over 400K =)

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