Day 4: Portland!

Ah yes.  I remember this day — seems like weeks ago when it was only five days ago.  I was racing around like crazy trying to find moments of sun, taking naps & racing around again.  Then, there was the day after with horrible grey-ness where I just had to take longer naps, give the dogs more running time, and by afternoon, the catalytic converter nightmare which cost me another half day of shooting the following day when it was sunny!

Here are some shots then that made it all worth it.  I’m sure that bulb in the star must have flashed hypnotically at night once upon a time:


Now, I’ve seen lots of chicken-wired signs to keep out the birds and protect them from vandals — but this is the most extensive protection of them all!


Big and bold — and probably not that old:


Neon & plastic combo with ballies — gotta be 1960s:


What the heck?  It looks like this one was recently removed from its perch.  Just sitting there.  And it was so pretty in green in recent years:


I love the hand-lettered script and the log:


I think that onion dome (teardrop?) has only been missing less than a couple of years.  I hope it’s not the beginning of this sign’s neglect:


This sign looks like an oldie — or at least those sawtooth edged panels make it seem that way:


Cute little metal arrow tails on the left:


Sitting in the lot of Security Signs — fate unknown:


Uncovered a few years ago — glad it hasn’t been painted over!


The AMF Pro 300 Lanes.  The BOWL letters are lit sequentially:


I love the curved part of the sign where it is attached to the building.  It makes me wonder what else is there under the siding:


Some window signs at the Avalon Theatre & Wunderland:



I’m in love with this one:


My neck still hurts from trying to shoot this sign without the tree in the way:


A sampling of some of the night’s shooting:






OK then — time for beddie-bye.   If you don’t hear from me soon, that’s a good thing.   It’ll mean the sun has come out and I’m shooting at night again.  If I don’t post any more blogs til I get home, don’t forget that I’m still posting some other photos to Flickr every night — click here for a “day of”, nearly virtual sampling:

For now,

dj & the dogs

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